What is the Plan Right Now?

Hey there,

Welcome to my blog, where you'll never really know what I'm gonna talk about next.

February 2020 is here. It came quick but the plans are still cooking.

In fact, the plans are still growing, and new ones are being made. So what are these plans? As I currently reach the end of this major production for a client in Hollywood, with the deadline of Feb. 14th, I'm beginning to set the next plans in order. First is the album release of "Like Assorted Candy", which happens on March 1st, 2020. There are still things to do before the release but not much and I'm happy to say things are on schedule. So until then I'll be focusing mostly on getting the music on all digital platforms and the physical CD's printed. After that will come Marketing, but that's a process and not an event. I expect to be working on marketing the entire year.

Another part of "Like Assorted Candy" that is being planned as we speak, is music videos. Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, I hired a writer to create the scripts for the songs and I plan on getting some, if not all of them done this year.

One more part of "Like Assorted Candy" that is being planned is a live performance. Today I spoke with a friend who mentioned this other friend (yes I'm keeping their names secret), and that could mean a big live performance.

But "Like Assorted Candy" isn't the only musical plan I have going on. "Pirocasso" is the next music project and it'll be a fun collab with my good friend Que Pasza Figueroa. I'm really looking forward to working on this EP as it won't be as much pressure as the full album "Like Assorted Candy". Specially because we already have most of the songs for the project.

Music isn't the only plan I have for 2020 either. This month I am investing a lot of money on things I have needed to increase the quality of my media productions.

If you didn't know, at some point in my life I was a researcher and script writer for a safety company and wrote over 80 scripts related to Health and Safety. Writing scripts is something I absolutely love to do but couldn't do at home since I lacked the gear to do so. This changes this year.

With those changes will also come the opportunity to bring back "The Night Owl Live". Nathan and I will completely reinvent the show for the 3rd season, now that we have a few years of experience producing and running a live stream. We'll be going live from TNOL's own page instead of Badass Art Studio's page and it will be a much more interactive variety show. I am also planning on adding 3 new services to my list. One, will be custom Facebook and Instagram filters. This uses Augmented Reality, so that's what I need to learn. The second is Voice Overs. Even though I am already capable of doing this as a service, I haven't created a portfolio for it yet. The third is Web Design and Social Media creation and Management. This is actually what my current gig with my client in Hollywood is about. Once this gig is done, I'll be able to use the results to bring in more business.

One of the plans that does not include my business is getting back to painting. Painting is such a therapeutic activity but without the proper tools, painting was a chore. It meant moving furniture around and sitting down since I never had an easel. This changes this year and I will be painting as much as possible.

Those are my current plans for the year. Don't forget, if you want to get notified of my next blog post, make sure to sign up at the bottom of the main blog page.

I gotta go now, but I'll see you later. Mr. Martinho

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