What do you want?

Hey there,

Welcome to my blog, where you'll never really know what I'm gonna talk about next.

Today I want to talk about you and what you want. What do you want? If I could do something for you, what would you want? I was thinking about this earlier today. I noticed that big part of my job is doing what the client wants. As an artist, the creative work allows me to put in a bit of what I want into it, but in the end it is about what the client wants. So what do you want?

But let's be realistic here. I'm not giving you free service or digging a financial ditch for myself just to do what you want. This is still business. But I think if I know what you really want, maybe I can provide better service. So I will make this blog short since it is already late ... oops. Just tell me, what would you, the client, want from me; the producer?

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I gotta go now, but I'll see you later.

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