It's Been way too Long

I've been doing so many things at once that I forgot to keep the blog updated.

So this past month I have started a few new songs and have finished a couple of them. My life and Those Days are ready.

This screenshot is from the first version of the music video for Falsity. I have decided to redo the entire video in a professional studio, considering the first one I did at home.

I have also started some collaboration projects with my friend Ryan Litchfield. He will be adding my vocals onto some original EDM stuff.

I started redoing one of my old songs and it sounds so much better already.

I love improvements :-)

What else, oh, I got a new app to help me make music faster and within a week I already have 3 new song ideas. Love this thing called GarageBand for the iPad.

It looks like this week will really be heavy on video editing though. The items I needed to finish editing my current video project have finally arrived.

I forgot to mention I contacted some bands looking for a singer and heard back from one so I'll be working on vocals for their music as well. This is super exciting as it will take me away from my comfort zone and into the lions cage :-)

ok this is my update for now. I'll be back next week for sure.

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