Drugs, Dreams and Detox - Working from Home

Hey there,

Welcome to my blog, where you'll never really know what I'm gonna talk about next.

In today's blog I will talk about what happens to me when I ween of the peace pipe and begin detoxing while dealing with insomnia.

If you know me, you know I've always had sleep issues.

The older I got the worse the issues have gotten. I'm truly at a point in my life where I consider myself disabled by it. I can't keep a job if I can't control my sleep so, I'm self-employed and work from home. There are pros and cons of working from home and being your own boss. For me, being able to work in the hours I am awake in the biggest pro.

Anything related to scheduling is better for me to work from home, cause I can be sure to work during the times I'm awake. Maybe you're asking: "As opposed to what? To work during the times you're sleeping?"

What I mean is: Eventually I will sleep through the alarm. So working from home allows me to work at anytime I'm awake. Many times I wake at 2am, sometime 7pm, or noon or 8 in the morning. Who knows?

It all depends of when I fall asleep

I certaintly don't know when that is. But the downside of working at home, is really what it allows me to do. In my case, I get to enjoy cannabis throughout the day. And I will explain what I mean about that. The use of THC for the most part, does not conflict with my work since my field is in Creative Design and Media Production, but it is during stressful times that the absence of THC causes me to experience the intense effects of my sleep issues.

You may say "Then don't be abstinent" The problem is, whenever I'm going through very stressful times, and I mean weeks of constant stress, my anxiety levels go up and my insomnia increases. In most cases my daily cigarette will calm me down but never THC. It intensifies the stress and eventually I have to stop smoking THC for awhile to avoid a panic attack.

This is where things get interesting. After several days without THC, whenever I do get to fall asleep, my dreams will be incredibly vivid, wildly random with intense emotions. So I began writing them on a Dream Log file. So far I have 28 of them. Here are some examples from my list.

Warning, there will be mentions of sexual activity and drug use in these examples.

Dream#2 - Dates from Hell

#1 - I start going down on a girl then she begins to air suck me; as in not touching my dick but still sucking it. Like mad, just air sucking my dick. I was very confused and almost wanted to laugh but didn’t want her to get mad.

#2 - Sexy maid and I keep getting it on, Then she videotapes me rubbing on her and tells me it is for blackmail. We eventually hump everywhere around the house.

#3 - Me and this girl are making out in the car, then we begin to eat burgers, then somehow we get robbed

Dream#5 - Inception

Two part Dream

Part#1 - I’m at a party with my family from Brazil. I see my ex wife and she had her hand amputated and replaced by a robotic hand.

Part#2 - I’m at home with my sister and my date talking about the dream I had where my ex wife had her hand amputated.

Dream#12 - Balou’s Wedding

I was at Balou’s wedding reception when she asked me if I wanted to do some drugs with her. I said yes and we walked away from everyone. It looked like we were going into a pop up tent but in there it looked like a destroyed war zone room. She then pulls out 2 extacy pills and gives me one. As I put one pill in my mouth, she tosses the other pill down my throat. I look at her in desperation for having taken 2 pills at once. She laughs.

Those examples are from when I first started keeping a dream log. I wrote them down a long time after they had happened. Years for some of them.

As I've gotten used to writing them down, I began doing it while the memories are still vivid. This way I get to write more details. My latest dreams are about a page long , which is why I chose older dreams as the examples above.

As I continue to write them down, I have thought about bringing them to life by turning them into cartoons or 3d animation. In fact, yesterday I contacted a 3d animation company and pitched a series based on my dreams. Now we wait.

Luckily for me, most of my dreams are really fun and I think people would enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole.

The dreams will get so intense that I'm not actually resting. I'm just awake there, on the other side. I will eventually get so tired from not getting good sleep that it will cause me to just fall asleep at random hours for random periods of time without much warning. I will feel this "thing / feeling" coming and I almost have to run to bed so I can be comfortable and get longer hours of sleep. But I'm not gonna sit here and not say that THC does no harm to my issue. It does. In fact, I can stay awake a lot longer if I simply continue to smoke pot. It makes me focused and it gives me energy. I know it doesn't work like that for most people, but if you know me, you know I'm not like most people. Sleep has always been a big part of my life. It has always made things more difficult...

but I love sleep. Can't get enough of it. Pun intended. Don't forget, if you want to get notified of my next blog post, make sure to sign up at the bottom of the main blog page.

You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions.

I gotta go now, but I'll see you later.

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