Trying on new things

October 13, 2016

So I'm working on my look. I haven't tried much besides eye liner but today I did try eye shadow. Here's a pic.


 What do you think? 


I think it's sexy.  I do feel like something is missing on my face. Like maybe something on my temples or forehead? IDK, I am just brainstorming but I will try more make up.




I also really need some cool fabric over me.  I have some design ideas for a jacket but don't know how to go about making it.  


Besides the look, I have been working on new music as well just haven't sang much.  Been mostly writing new material and lyrics for stuff that hasn't been released yet.  I don't feel very comfortable singing at this apartment.  I don't feel private enough to let go. That ends up making me sound constrained which in turn frustrates me causing me to tighten up even more and the cycle only gets worse. One day I'll have a space to sing and make music in the middle of the night without bothering anyone. Not today but one day.


I'm also playing drums for a band called Moon-Sub and we have been recording some stuff and should have an EP to release very soon. I'm really excited to play drums live again. It has been very long.

That's all I got for now,

Till next time.