Hi reader,

Thank you for being here.  I think it is pretty cool that you are reading this right now.

It is really exciting to have everything put together in one place for people to see.


I love my work and I live my work. From music production to video and media production, I am usually working alone.  Which is why I must continue to learn about the things I need to learn so I don't need to depend on anyone for as much as possible. 

I've picked some thumbnails for you to have an idea of the work I do.  They'll be at the bottom of this page.

Some of these are just photographs while most of them are snapshots from videos I've produced over the years.  You can also see some of my work on my artist site.

So, about me, hmmmm , well... I'm a ball of creativity.

I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1979.  The wonderful city.  I lived there for 19 years until I moved to the United States in 1998, where I still reside to this day.

I love it here.  I've had so many opportunities. Sure, I have thrown most of them away either by immaturity, lack of professionalism or simply because I wanted to, but the fact I have had those 
opportunities is priceless.

I've worked at almost every industry but I have dedicated my passion for the arts by learning as much about it as I could.  And, when I say almost every industry, I mean it.  

I've worked as a janitor, door-to-door marketing, car washer, bus boy, car salesman, server, juicer, barista, pizza delivery driver, Bi-Lingual Inbound and Outbound customer service call centers, cell phone salesman, tech support call centers, sandwich maker, house cleaner, regional events coordinator, Brazilian Portuguese Interpreter, software tester, drum tutor, dish washer, camera operator, video producer, audio engineer, media coordinator and now I am a solo artist. Who would've thought?!  That these days I would be a singer Not me.  


But besides that, I have been an artist of many trades.  I write and play my own music, I paint, I draw, I'm an illustrator, a photographer, a videographer, I do animations and 3d modeling.

Motion Graphics and Graphic Design have been the major part of my income these days. I also love image compositing and special effects.  Except when I paint, then I like to keep it real. No photo manipulation, just brush strokes or stylus strokes if the paintings are digital.

If there's one thing I can say right off the bat is that I was born to do what I do.  It has always been obvious to me that being an artist was what I wanted to do and now more than ever I see what I am meant to do.


I say this because to truly be an artist, you have to set your mind free, and the idea of freedom is one that I carry very close to me. It is what helps me continue to create original material and separate myself from the clutches of ideologies.  In art, be it a drawing, a painting or a song, I set my mind free for the art to take me into the direction it wants to go without boundaries, using my body as a medium.

But before I became all this, I really was just a drummer; and even though I started drumming at age 22, it came to me as a natural thing. Even my drum tutor on my first and ONLY drum lesson, told me "You are already a drummer. You just need your own drum set to practice and get better." So I did.


I bought a Roland TD-5 electronic drum set and practiced for 3 hours a day for 2 years straight, on my own with just the electronic drum set and headphones until I joined a band, who at that point, thought I was an awesome drummer.


Making music with people was and still is one of the greatest experiences in life.
I have been in many bands as a drummer; from hip-hop to bluegrass to rock to playing Brazilian music, but I had no idea I could sing at all; Until I really tried it, at the age of 37.
Being in bands through the years taught me a lot about people. It has always seemed that in a group setting, one person could mess it all up for everyone else involved and the whole thing would go down the drain.


Even though I personally gave it 100%.  It was very disappointing investing so much time and energy while giving your best just to have someone else mess it all up for you. So, I learned about everything I needed to make my own music, take my own pictures and shoot my own music video. That way I wouldn't need to depend on anyone to achieve my goals.

Sometimes it does get hard working alone but I am very driven and very productive when I get into a project.  I can be a sleepless machine. 

If you guys want to know more about me, don't forget to check out my blog.  Also visit my facebook page and like it so you can get updates on what is going on. I tend to keep most of my activity on facebook. 

See you there :-)
Mister Martinho

maze 2
Ultimate Logo Display - v4-Current View.
Spoof on Jerry Springer
Intro Segment for Just Saying
K Cartier does the Jump
Mixing real footage with cartoons
A large stage
K Cartier -Seahawks Time
Trailer for The Heroes have Lost
Around the World
2nd Illustration
I sing now
I love drumming
My old hiphop band
My old rock band
Gathering of Love
Dead Tree of Life
Outer Planet
The Rib Cage
Sad News
K Cartier promo shot
Lord Danzio painted by Eleanor Josep
Seahawks Time
Painting a wall
I was shocked in the eyes
The Giant
Spoof on Jerry Springer
Another Seahawks Time shot
Me hosting a video on Eye Protection
O Zica music video
Promo animation for O Zica
Interview with Bob Schwenkler
Summon Zeus or something
Intro Animation for a cartoon
Logo Design and Animation
Broke da Mouth Photoshoot
Intro Segment for Trail Chat
Intro Segment for Super Safety
Me hosting Safe Sauce
Bullet Time
Segment from a workshop
Me and a bunch of me
The Magician
Segment from 3 Steps to Success
Band logo
Shot from my old demo reel
Tracking for K Cartier

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